Kitesurfing at Lancing

The Kite season starts from May and runs through to October, you can expect a decent ‘sea breeze’ resulting in winds around 20-25 knots at least 3 days a week.

The Location
Brighton Rd, Lancing BN15 8EX
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Windsurfing and kitesurfing is permitted except within our designated swimming zones.

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Once on the water, please refrain from using any of the swim zone buoys in any planned manoeuvres and keep your distance from bathers.

Lancing Beach has a designated zone for kitesports. Please see the British Kitesports website for further information.

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Kiteboarding is prohibited on our green open spaces.

Please be aware that the top section of the beach above any swim zone can become very busy with all ages and abilities. Please refrain from setting up any equipment in these areas for any leisure or sporting pursuits.

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Please note: The Swim Zones buoys are removed for the winter months.

We still suggest you launch and land in the same place but you can now sail upwind close to shore.

There are some swimmers who train all year round so do keep an eye out for them. Swimmers have as much right to the beach as kiters so please show them the respect you’d want them to show you.

Parking is not permitted on any part of the beach but in the car park only. You will need to get a day parking ticket from the machine.